Designed For U : The alliance between elegance and efficency !

Designed For U : a Multi Project company

What is Designed For U?

Designed For U is the solution that enables companies to cope with the digital transition, to transform, to innovate, or simply to create. From start-ups to large groups, it’s very important to have up-to-date digital communication media.

The goal for you is to be able to use your media as a guarantee of quality towards your customers and prospects.

We listen to your needs before signing a contract, during the realization of your project and even after it is completed. One particular proof of this commitment is that you can ask us for advice and a quote for free, we answer within 48 hours.

In addition, we will always be completely honest and will not hesitate to refer you in your projects even if it means recommending companies other than ours who have other specialties than ours.

Why did you start this activity?

Designed For U has been launched with the goal of solving digital transformation problems for structures of all sizes or areas of activity. In addition, the interest is through the revenues of this activity to finance other projects including two which will be for one associative and the other entrepreneurial. Both will be linked to recruitments. For those who will be working with us or just interested in discovering the progress of these projects, we will give you news in future articles.

As for the name and this graphic charter?

Designed For U is the name and corporate graphic design that represented the spirit, philosophy and goals set before starting the business. First of all, the name; its meaning is multiple. Designed For U when broken down is divided into two parts. The first is “designed”, in French, realized, conceived, created, conceptualized. This represents the need to think before acting. It is necessary, on projects of realization of web site or others, to think of what one wants to conceptualize it then to create it. The second being “For U”, which has a double meaning. On the one hand the need to make a design adapted to your needs. On the other hand, the need to match this design to the uses and customs of users. In this, the U represents you (you / toi in French) but also UX / UI representing the behavior and needs of users. With regard to the graphic charter, the choice of fused green and blue was made for several reasons. Green is the color of chance, chance, and hope because for a project to work, it takes as much talent and luck. Blue is the color of innovation and creativity; these are elements that are very important today, in a world where AI is becoming closer to humans. Finally the last reason more selfish, these two colors are my favorite colors, with a preference for the blue color.

Why did you choose this logo?

This logo is a first version that highlights as much the colors and the name. This logo is simple and at the same time dynamic. It will be able to evolve in the future, that is why it is important not to make a logo too complex from the beginning of an activity.

What is the communication plan?

Designed For U will be present on Youtube and via this blog. You will discover over the months what its communication strategy will be. However, to introduce the strategy, it will cover a part of advice and news related to the company, its environment, mistakes not to do … Then another part that will talk about the projects carried out in detail.

What’s next? 

An upcoming article will arrive very soon, and a following and so on! So if you want to see the rest of our adventures, do not hesitate to contact us or following us.