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Designed For U, the alliance of elegance and efficency !

Designed For U is the solution that enables companies to cope with the digital transition, to transform, to innovate, or simply to create. From start-ups to large groups, it’s very important to have up-to-date digital communication media.
The goal for you is to be able to use your media as a guarantee of quality towards your customers and prospects.
We study your requirements before signing a contract and we adjust to your needs during the realization of your project and even after it is completed via a maintenance contract. One particular proof of this commitment is that you can ask us for advice and a quote for free, we answer within 48 hours.
In addition, we will always be completely honest and will not hesitate to recommend other companies which have other specialties than ours and can better suit your expectations.

We thank again companies, associations, … which trusted us in the realization of their projects.

Designed For U realizes your project and provides you advice !

Designed For U is always available for our customers (old or new). We will always be ready to help you make the right decisions  and move your projects forward in the best way.
Our philosophy at Designed For U is to understand and accompany you to insure success. Whether it is in the creation or the revival of projects, the important thing for us is to know all the ins and outs of your projects.

We offer 7 services to meet all your needs: 

Multiple projects made by Designed For U

Presentation of complete projects that required working on logos, sites, models for the same company, association … This will give you an idea of what we can do for you.

Realizing your Prototype

You want to make a prototype of a site for a redesign or a new creation, we will think together about the graphic design, UX / UI design, … this will allow you to make the right choices before going ahead with the project.

Logos designed by Designed For U

You want to make a logo representing the spirit of your business. For this, you need to tell a story, choose the format of the logo, and get a real geometry or dynamism in your logo. For that, we will take the time to analyze and understand the meaning and the objective of your company in order to obtain the most coherent result and the best possible design.

Websites online thanks to Designed For U

You want to make the redesign or the creation of a website. We will first start with a mockup and then we will try to establish all the requirements of your project and will make a retroplanning and a flexible or fixed price according to your preferences and needs.

SEO/COM strategies by Desgined For U

After having coherent communication tools, it is essential to communicate in the right way. The size of the company, the budget, the target … so much that makes the communication plan, the editorial line … change. We can help you define your strategy so that you can optimize your costs for the best results.

Mobile Apps made by Designed For U

When creating an application, we will define all of your needs in the same spirit as for a website. This will insure that the purpose of the application we realize will be clearly understandable. It will also insure the best navigation for users.

Company names found by Designed For U

And yes … it is also necessary to choose a name, whether for SEO, to clarify your project, for legal reasons … Do not hesitate to consult us on this point which is a major element of success for your project !

Designed For U’s strenghs

UX/ UI Design


Ergonomic tests

Content Analysis

Graphic charter / Logo

IOS / Android mobile design

Responsive web design

Mix profile Engineer/sales

Commercial Optimization

Marketing Design / Strategic

Competitive intelligence

Business Plan

Decision Making

Yes / No Choice


Agile Project Management

Analysis and advice



Community Management

Evolutive maintenance

Our offers ?

Now that you know what services we can provide, you need to establish a budget. Once you have defined a specific budget for your project, we will adjust the scope accordingly and provide you with a proposal that is coherent with your budget. Projects are always evolving, so it will be essential for us if we want to save time and money, to understand your project in as as much detail as possible. Finally, we can and will try as much as possible to optimize the proposed solutions so that you can save money during the realization of the specifications. If you wish to work with us, you can contact us and request a free quote. We will provide a response within 48 hours.

A Question ? Designed for u is responding with in 48H!